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Default Re: Good Compilation UI for WoW?

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Well im sorta liking the druid class. Gotta level the guy abit higher to see if I wana stick with it but its not bad at all. When do I get form shifting?

Characters name is Torlous, Cow Druid.
Seriously....stick with the druid, they are pretty damn awesome.
I know the Tauren starting area sux....and so do the barrens but the ghostlands are very cool, as is the suplcher and also Brill (undead starting area) the only problem being that every time you need to do training...your going to need to make your way back to Thunderbluff, which is a pain in the bum!

Im finding it hard to lvl my druid (shes only 15) because I fond everything so damn slow without a mount!
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