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Originally Posted by spirited1
All of them. I hate quests. There's only so many bear pelts/ears/noses/arses I can stand to collect. Once you've done the one, you've done them all. Stupid NPC's with their stupid "hey over here, you friggin sheep" exclamation marks over their heads. And this goes too for EQ2 and LOTRO.

(I know, there's a few exceptional quests that are definitely worth doing, but there's too much rubbish filler mixed in).
I think at last count there were 5 quests worth doing in the whole of Azeroth.
As for OL....well, the quests arent to bad....although I was dissapointed to see that Nessingwary had his famous camp of wild animal carnage set up....and at least the quest rewards are decent......and, there isnt too much travelling in between places.
The ogres....

No more ogres.............
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