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Default Re: Best Buy to Recommend Blu-ray over HD DVD

I like how Best Buy has just now officially stated this. I work at BB and it has been obvious since day one. Personally I have supported HD DVD and I will continue to Biggest problem with HD DVD is lack of marketing, which in effect has let dumb consumers misled believing Blu Ray is better just cause of the advertising. Not to mention hearing it from bumb BB employees. (I have worked there since I was 16 and now I am 17, so not a bad job for my age, but once I turn 18 I will move on to big and better things.) The majority of the employees are idiots especially when you consider the new Personal Shopping Assistant and Customer Assistant labor model, which results in even more under trained and stupid people. So when you have a confused customer and all they hear is Blu Ray from employees the result is another Blu Ray player sold ) Another funny thing is the amount of Blu Ray players returned. in my store we always have at least 10 because of the lack of knowledge on how to upgrade firmware, not to mention all of the problems and flaws with the format.
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