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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

LOL just before I logged I had a good moment of pwn without having a battle. I just walked up to the neutral town in un'goro crater, and there were these two huntards, one dwarf 52 and one nelf 55 (me 51.)

The name of the 52 dwarf hunter rung a bell, but I couldn't quite recall off hand where I saw him. Then it hit me, the day before I ran into him in hinterlands and killed him on like 3 separate occasions, and each time it was quite a decisive victory (with me having tons of health left.)

So what I do is pop straight to caster form (from cat stealth) right behind him, and then just wave at him. About a split second later, he just dashes off to the flightmasters (the only place for protection there) obviously scared the little thing out of his mind

I know he wasn't intending on leaving, because he cautiously returned later once he realized that I had simply waved at him. And there's no reason to go up there other than for protection or if you just want to fly out of there.
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