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Default Re: Good Compilation UI for WoW?

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Cat form will be your bread and butter for a long time. Rogue that can heal.
And cure poison. And remove curse. And track allies. And mangle.

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
This is how you want to spec up to level 21. It will make your cat form a lot more leveling friendly. You really will love the +30% speed while outdoors and the improved prowl.

This is the standard 0/47/14 feral build.
I have changed my mind on many things as I have gone along and figured out what druids can and can't do. But, I think this is the final direction I will be pushing mine in for PVP spec:

Nature's grasp is extremely important for BG and world PVP. It traps hunters pets and it traps rogues with very little action on your part. You can cast it from bear and cat without going to caster. It costs no energy, no rage, no mana. Only one talent point, it's so worth it. I can't tell you how many times I've royally screwed up a rogues battle plan with that. Hell it even helps with those times when you are just passing through an area and you have some mob on your butt and he won't go away. There is very little reason not to have it IMO.

Also I think heard somebody on this forum (don't remember who) say that shredding attacks and bleeds aren't very useful for solo pvp. Boy is that ever wrong. Most of the time I start a battle with a pounce, get behind and shred (double the damage of claw for only a little more energy) followed by rake, FFF, claw, (sometimes another rake,) then rip. After that I often back off and moonfire, then rejuvenate. That leaves them with 5 dots ticking their health away, while I can either gain some distance to end combat and re-stealth for another pounce, or shift to bear then charge and bash.
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