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Default help needed......2 GF4 Ti's dead in 1 weekend

need some hepl/advice....

In the past weekend I have had a leadtek Gf4 Ti 4400, and a Gainward GF4 Ti 4600 blow up. Neither of these cards have been overclocked. The leadtek was only 3 months old, and the Gainward was 2 days old.

My motherboard is an epox 8KHA+.

When I booted my computer the screen had some not so pretty colors running verticaly on the screen. I tried the cards in my other computer and other monitor with the same result. However the Gf2 GTS, and Geforce2 MX both work on both computers.

What is causing my computer to to this to my cards?

Could the fact that the fan on the nothbridge is no longer working be a factor?

I am running a 400W power supply made by codegen.
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