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Default Re: Best Buy to Recommend Blu-ray over HD DVD

Originally Posted by ntsck
I wouldn't buy a BD or HD DVD from BB. MSRP FTL. Buy your HDM from Amazon.
That is part of the point. You are reasonably educated about the technology, prices, and the way the market is going.

On the other hand, I have a neighbor just a few doors down from me. She single, retired, and not very technically savvy. She bought a hd tv a few years back and a high-def cable box. She even bought a hd-dvd player a few weeks back (she called me over to upgrade it for her, because you need to put the update on a cd rather than a dvd). Her purchase was based on price.

Anyhow to nail the point home, when I was talking to her while upgrading the software on her hd-dvd player, we discussed the blu-ray/hd-dvd thing. I kid you not, she was concerned that if blu-ray won, that she would have to buy a blu-ray tv and blu-ray cable box, because they are hd. While I straitened her out, and you may laugh at the situation. Realize that, she has the typical if not slightly higher technical knowledge of the general public.

In my opinion, the greater public doesn't know about the different hd tv standards, and doesn't know about the hd player standards, and doesn't know about the hd cable/sat box standards, and cabling, etc.. Furthermore, they don't care, and they shouldn't. You should simply be able to buy a new tv, dvd player, cable/sat box, plug it in with simple and non-confusing cabling, and do your thing. The complexities of having to know the technology before you can really use it, is simply stupid.

They want a Apple, because it simply works, and you don't have to screw around with everything like Linux.
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