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Originally Posted by Tr1cK
With 3 70s, I have never once had to go to Blades Edge to quest. I always managed 62 by the time I left Hellfire, 64-65 thru Zangarmarsh, 68 thru Terrokar and Nagrand, then got 70 in SMV and Netherstorm.
BEM did kinda suck to quest in, but if you run the Toshley Power Station quest on the "punter" you can get to a lot of the quest areas you need to be and complete another quest in the process.

I would never skip BEM quests, NStorm & SMV are my epic mount quest farm zones when I get a char to 70. There's so much money in those top-level 70 quests it's insane. You'll finish 1/2 the quest in NStorm and have 500+ gold in your pocket.
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