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Default Re: Blue Ray on a 1080i TV

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
yes both can.

btw, it's Blu-ray. and it's better than hd dvd for few reason. blu-ray has finally caught up and has more studios but only thing is that it's expensive. price will drop soon if you wait or get ps3 which is best deal in the market and upgradable to profile 2.0. but really, even if you have profile 1.0, you can STILL watch blu-ray movies that has 1.1 or 2.0 features, only that you can't access them.
Name correction noted.

Thanks for the info. I know that the average person cannot tell the difference between 1080i and 1080p, at least I can't. I just wanted to make sure that my TV will take advantage of the HD.

I really don't care which is better. I have been waiting on a purchase for a time when the market has decided which format it will be going with. Now it looks like it will be blu-ray.

You are saying that the PS3 is upgradeable to the 2.0 profile right?

I will be using component cables BTW.
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