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Default Diagnose a bad board? (FX 5600)

Today I got a new GeForce FX 5600 card (Gainward FX PowerPack! Ultra/760 TV/DVI 128MB), and I'm guessing its bad. Has anyone seen a problem like this, or is there something else I should check before asking the dealer for my money back? (I don't have Microsoft Windows, so can't use that for a sanity check)

Here's what happened:
I already had a GeForce2 MX440 working fine with 1.0-4363. Because of "Unified Driver Architexture" I figured it'd be fine to just swap one card for another without changing any software. Wrong!

As soon as xdm starts up, the display dies. The screen stays in text mode, but the character images get corrupted to random grey junk. There was no nVidia splash screen, not even a flash for a resolution change- just a bad ascii screen that won't go away until I reset. (Machine doesn't freeze up- network access still works- but XFree86 is taking 99% CPU usage)

This card works fine in text mode, and also functions with the XFree86 "vesa" driver (just a little slowly). But the "nvidia" driver scrambles and dies, while "nv" just reports "no screens found".

My software versions:
NVidia driver 1.0-4363
Kernel 2.4.21
Debian unstable
AthlonXP 1100mhz
VIA motherboard

Attached is my XFree86Config-4 and (verbose 5) XFree86 log, from trying to start with "nvidia" driver.
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