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Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
You know what quests really piss me off more than anything? The quests where you have to kill so many of a certain type of mob, and that mob is scarce to begin with, and as if that wasn't bad enough, a different type of mob will randomly respawn in its place.

I had that happen with the stupid savage owlbeast quest in hinterlands recently. I just left and came back the next day to finish it. If it weren't for druid track humanoid I probably would have skipped it entirely.

Most of these quests really suck and really lack originality and most of the time the rewards suck. Good thing there are plenty of allies to kill in these places or else this game would be pretty boring. I can't stand non-pvp servers for this reason, I have an alt on one and I rarely ever touch it.
No quest is worse than killing the Dark Iron Steam Smiths in Searing Gorge for their stupid item you need to get. There are only 4 Steam Smiths in the game and the drop rate is CRAP!
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