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Default Re: Blue Ray on a 1080i TV

Originally Posted by Mr Bigman
So why is blu ray the norm now?

Its more expensive than HD DVD and HD DVD is Ford where as Blu Ray is the BMW.

Why couldn't people go with the cheaper more easy to buy standard?

I actually thought BLU Ray was dying cuz of it being to pricey but people love it and studios are going to it.
The turning point in the competition between blu-ray and hd-dvd was a month or so ago when Fox and Warner were going to go fully hd-dvd. But, before they announced that, Fox was convinced to go to Blu-ray instead and Warner followed. This secured +70% of the international studio's under Blu-ray, and dictated who the winner is. Shortly after that, virtually everyone has snowballed onto the Blu-ray side, which reinforces that outcome.

Now it is purely educational to discuss exactly why Fox, just days before siding with hd-dvd switched. Most on the hd-dvd side say they were bought off, but most on the blu-ray side say it isn't true. Just as it is a educational discussion to figure out why a number of companies decided to invent the blu-ray standard after hd-dvd had been almost complete. As well as why people have sided with a more expensive format, which only has the benefit of 15gig more space and more DRM.

None of that changes the simple fact that blu-ray is victorious over hd-dvd.
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