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Default Re: Blue Ray on a 1080i TV

Originally Posted by Lyme
It is reportedly the second hardest language to learn after a dialect of mandarin Chinese. I can believe that completely as I have known english as a first language for 33 years and still have difficulties with university level composition. Even so, when you say "it's better than hd dvd for few reason." you are expected to backup that position with two or more references to why it is so. Rather than state something as a fact, and then simply continue without justification. And while I pointed out that you need to work on your english, I was neither overly critical of that, nor did I say it in a insulting way.
Furthermore, while I appreciate the fact that you are trying to learn English, I will not stop in my efforts to improve your usage of english.
Do you do this to everyone? Are you an instructor from school? Either way you have no right to have the power over me and tell me that I need to work on my English. I'm fully aware that my grammar needs work (look at my sig) and I continue to improve.

If nVJoe wants to know exactly why Blu-ray is better then I will explain in details. I have expressed my opinion on why Blu-ray is better in general and this isn't thesis paper otherwise I'd backup my opinion with more than several references.

But to be honest, you didn't backup your position on why Blu-ray is better because HD DVD is dead. Or your comments on Profile 3.0.

Do you know Profile 3.0 refers to audio only Blu-ray? It can be done via software and Sony said they will update PS3 when needed. But it's mainly for Blu-ray audio player. There's not much infomation on Profile 3.0 so we shouldn't worry about it. At least for now. There's rumors about Profile 4.0 where it may add iHD and other features.

I still stand by my opinion that Blu-ray is better.

-higher storage capacity than hd dvd discs (50 gb vs 30 gb)
-higher bandwidth (48mbit/sec vs 30mbit/sec)
-has more studio support (more movies)
-improved with codec/audio and now matches to hd dvd if not better
-has gaming support

But of course, only thing that keeps people from buying Blu-ray because:

-high cost
-region coding
-excessive copy protection
-players that aren't future-proof

Technically, Blu-ray is superior. If you're able to afford it, that is. Or wait until price drops. Region coding is old news... DVD has them. Soon all players will be profile 2.0 ready, and I'll bet that company will offer sort of rebate for early adopters. I'm not sure about excessive copy protection but it doesn't bother me much. Much larger storage capacity discs (100GB+) are on way in near future.

I used to HD DVD supporter but not anymore. And I hate combo discs.
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Note: English is my second language so please bear with my grammar!
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