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I'm going to be selling m TRUE120 as I was not that impressed with the load temps albeit they were better than m Stock (than again what isn't). It just doesn't give me the performance I expected. So once I get it unmounted, cleaned up (probably lap it and use on another rig, or just sell it)
I've decided to go Water Cooling, and I've opted to go with Petra's Tech Shop
"Petra'sTech CoolKit Elite - Rev.2"
One thing is this is my first experience with Water and have a question on the block. Of course I'm going to be searching for reviews I'd like to get your opinion on this.
D-Tek Fuzion
or Apogee GTX (7 bucks more)

I don't mind paying them since everything will be included all at once. So please while I do respect your "piece it together elsewhere," I've chosen this route.

About how much watts could I expect to dissipate with this kit, to veteran watercoolers what is your personal opinion on this kit ? (Good or Bad)
I was thinking Swiftech H20-220 however this kit offers the versatility should I choose to go water on a future card (may have to upgrade pump/rad), and I don't think the 220 will dissipate enough watts to cool a oc'd quad.

Thanks for any insight.

Btw, here's a quick youtube of some datacenter fun, excuse the angle and laugh.
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