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Default Re: Blue Ray on a 1080i TV

Originally Posted by NaitoSan

I still stand by my opinion that Blu-ray is better.

-has more studio support (more movies)
-improved with codec/audio and now matches to hd dvd if not better
-has gaming support

But of course, only thing that keeps people from buying Blu-ray because:

-high cost
-region coding
-excessive copy protection
-players that aren't future-proof

Technically, Blu-ray is superior. If you're able to afford it, that is. Or wait until price drops. Region coding is old news... DVD has them. Soon all players will be profile 2.0 ready, and I'll bet that company will offer sort of rebate for early adopters. I'm not sure about excessive copy protection but it doesn't bother me much. Much larger storage capacity discs (100GB+) are on way in near future.
Excessive, possibly not, there is no doubt that there is more DRM included in the spec. The DRM BD+ as far as I know, is not in use as of yet. When the studio's decide to start using it, I expect quite a large number of very unhappy customers. The issue revolves around the technical issue that in order for BD+ to work with your setup, you must have end-to-end secure channel for video, otherwise it will downgrade the signal. In addition to that, BD+ is implemented as a mini java application that runs on the player, and decodes the data on the fly. I expect that if your home entertainment setup is not using hdmi, you will have issues.

As for the changing of what is latest and greatest Blu-Ray Spec. Many of the early players (ps3 excluded) do not include the hardware so that they can be software upgraded to the new spec. So much so, that there is another thread in this forum around the issue of one early adopter suing Samsung for producing players that are not compliant with the current spec. I expect that Samsung will loose the case for marketing their Blu-Ray players in bad faith. Simply consider that Blu-Ray has gone through 1.0, 1.1, and now to catch up to where hd-dvd is the 2.0 spec, while hd-dvd is still at 1.0 and it is feature complete. However I am not a lawyer, and those decisions are best argued by them.

The point is, that even while Blu-Ray has won, there are many curious things to exactly why they won given the oddities of the situation. As well, if you are a consumer, you really need to be extremely careful in what you buy tv/blu-ray dvd player, because while it may work right now, it may not work with all blu-ray movies in the near future.
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