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Default Re: Blue Ray on a 1080i TV

Originally Posted by Lyme
A few notes,

NaitoSan needs to work on his english.
Blu-Ray is only better because hd-dvd is dead.


The ps3 is a mixed bag compared to stand alone players when blu-ray movies are concerned. The ps3 does not support all the output formats listed in 3.0 spec, but could potentially do so if Sony wanted. As well the picture quality from the ps3 has been reported to be of lesser quality of a number of the better stand alone units. The PS3 as it is a software player, can be upgraded for as long as Sony wants to.

Using component cables is fine, until Blu-ray movies start using the BD+ DRM. At which point the video will be artificially downgraded to regular sdtv quality. To resolve that problem you need to use HDMI.

As for the resolution and your tv, most good blu-ray players will take a 1080p signal, and convert it into 1080i, giving you a virtually identical picture.
Your going to rip him for bad English? You may want to examine your own writing. Should you do so, you will discover poor use of punctuation and run on sentences...

We are on a forum. To be honest, his English is better than some of the native English speakers here.

On a Blu-Ray note, I am just happy one camp has won. I have a PS3, but was about to pull the trigger on an HD-DVD Player. I had just started to research them when the crap hit the fan. I'm going to use my PS3 for Blu-Ray until lower priced (and decent) stand alone players are available...

@ nVJoe - You will love Blu-Ray on your 1080i TV. You will immediately be able to tell a big difference between DVD (Upconverted) and Blu-Ray IMO...

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