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Default Re: Blue Ray on a 1080i TV

Originally Posted by Mr Bigman
So why do people adopt a more expensive format even during bad times in our countryies econemy?

Don't we want cheap in formats like VHS vs Beta was?

I guess people don't mind spending 350 bucks over 100 bucks for hd contentha. Idiots.

Blu Ray is for those people who have alot of money to spend and HD DVD is for those who want affortable and they should offer content on both.

This is a whole rich and poor issue not the formats themselves its what people can afford. HD DVD would sell more cuz its cheap.
It's all about advertisement. HD DVD lost because of not enough advertisement (I keep seeing Blu-ray ads everywhere and part of PS3 ads). Blu-ray had a bit of advantages because PS3 has Blu-ray built in.

Earlier in format war, HD DVD hardware has sold more than Blu-ray hardware. That's not same for movies where Blu-ray has sold more.

It's not always about how much money people have. Do you realize HD DVD is uber cheap because Toshiba is losing the war? If Toshiba was winning the war, the price will stay unchanged. I'm sure Toshiba was losing money from low price of HD DVD players. I think Toshiba was only one making HD DVD players, not other company like Pioneer, Samsung, etc. (I could be wrong) The price of Blu-ray player has dropped a bit and soon, we'll see cheaper Blu-ray players in the future.

That happens with DVD player where it was $599 or higher for high-end players. Now they can be found for under $100.
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