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Default Re: 96.43.01 NVIDIA FreeBSD graphics driver win xorg 7.3

In answer to my own thread, I got the conflict resolved from the versions, but still cannot use this driver. The system is setup to launch gnome 2.2 with xorg 7.3. When I launch X, the system seems to go into what appears to be an interrupt storm. The system bogs down to a crawl. On the console, the screen changes modes and to a black graphics screen, but never gets beyond that point. The system doesn't completely lock-up but runs so slowly as to be unusable.

To get a log file I logged a remote session into this system, then launched X. After a few minutes, I rebooted the system from the remote session. Previously I had tried to kill the X session, but attempts to kill X left it running unless I used extreme prejudice, kill -9. The kill -9 locked up the system so I had to power-cycle it to get it restarted.

Any help getting this driver working would be appreciated.

I have attached the Xorg log file as it was too large to pate in the post.
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