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If you absolutely don't *have* to have towers, you could try these. I have not heard them firsthand, but I'm very interested in them myself.

They have a tower version as well, but they're more than you want to spend.

Here's a thread on them at AVSForum...

Here's an article about them...

EDIT: Hmmm...sorry...the Acculines are geared more toward HT, not simply music towers. But several have commented in the AVS thread regarding their music performance (with a sub, of course), so they may work well for that, too. You may have difficulty finding quality towers in your pricerange, I'm afraid...

And I see that they've come out with a revised A1, the A1R. From one of the Audio Insider guys:
The original A1 was designed for double-duty as a bookshelf, effects-channel, and accessory speaker, and therefore not entirely as a front main speaker. The thinking was that the Acculine A2 and A3 would dominate the choices for front main channels.

As it turns out, the A1 has been requested for main speakers as well.

In January BG cooperated with our sense that we should also tune an alternative A1 -- the A1 Revised -- to fill demand for a compact Acculine stand monitor. The A1R therefore simply provides added diffraction step compensation -- provides more relative midbass energy -- for free-air installations that don't have the benefit of a closer back wall to otherwise assist the power response.

In short, the A1R is voiced fuller below the crossover point and therefore has a spectrally flatter response when used on stands.
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