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Default Re: Blue Ray on a 1080i TV

@op, yes blu-ray will still look great on a 1080i tv, depending on you ht setup will determine whether to go with a standalone or the ps3 (still sad that at $400, you don't get complete support but it is still the best price/performance)

for those spouting bd "facts" they found on the bd pamphlets at their local best buy, let's not kid ourselves about a few topics:

1) this is not comparable to vhs/beta aside from competing for the format, this round was not settled by the consumers, this round was settled by board room pricks who are willing to pay whatever it takes so that it's not another beta/umd/dvhs/etc device.

2) the ps3 will only be 2.0 compliant if they choose to not include dts-hd/ma in the spec. but that's another story, for the individuals with remotely decent ht setups, the ps3 is not for them.

3) bd and hddvd drm have already been cracked, so that is a moot point. region encoding is still around 50/50. and also that old "storage" arguement, moot. 50% are still using bd25 discs (price of the bd50 disks are not cheap), this number is finally starting to drop (use to be ~80% bd25) source

let's be honest here, the only reason this format is where it is is because of the money that exchanged hands. think of how poorly the ps3 sales would have been the past 2 months had it not been for bd getting major studio support. sony didn't want to have their console go down the ****ter, a 2.something attach rate isn't exactly a good thing.

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