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Originally Posted by 911medic
If you absolutely don't *have* to have towers, you could try these. I have not heard them firsthand, but I'm very interested in them myself.

They have a tower version as well, but they're more than you want to spend.

Here's a thread on them at AVSForum...

Here's an article about them...

EDIT: Hmmm...sorry...the Acculines are geared more toward HT, not simply music towers. But several have commented in the AVS thread regarding their music performance (with a sub, of course), so they may work well for that, too. You may have difficulty finding quality towers in your pricerange, I'm afraid...

And I see that they've come out with a revised A1, the A1R. From one of the Audio Insider guys:
Thank you for the input... but if possible I'd really like to stick with Tower speakers. Honestly, I'd prefer a box with an 8" woofer (no preference as to whether it'd be passive or active, if passive that dual 6 1/2" active woofers would be prefered)... dual 6's would work I suppose. I don't need 'em to be perfect, just decent. I don't want 'em to blow if I turn it a quarter the way up, or crackle, or distort at higher volumes. My reciever is only 100watts x 5 at 8 ohms... so I don't need them to handle a ton of power either.

Here's a comparison shot of my current towers to my LXIs so you can see the difference. Pay close attention to the X-Blade tower on the right. Notice how it stands about half the height of the LXI's, then notice it compared to the Towers:



Heck, if anybody knows of a good place (other than Craigslist) to get decent refurbished or second hand speakers I'm open for that. You know, like a Salvation Army but for speakers.

Thank you all for the input... I've been eyeballing Dealtime, Newegg, and the local Craigslist listings. So far not much I'm interested in...
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