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Default Re: Blue Ray on a 1080i TV

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
It's all about advertisement. HD DVD lost because of not enough advertisement (I keep seeing Blu-ray ads everywhere and part of PS3 ads). Blu-ray had a bit of advantages because PS3 has Blu-ray built in.
True Blu-ray has advertised significantly more. Strangely, I have only seen Blu-Ray advertisement from Sony, and yet, they are simply one of many BD companies.
The building in of Blu-Ray into the PS3 has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the possible disadvantages is if people buy the PS3 because it is the cheapest Blu-ray player, they may not buy any games. Game sales when it comes to the PS3, is Sony's method of recouping manufacturing costs.

It's not always about how much money people have. Do you realize HD DVD is uber cheap because Toshiba is losing the war? If Toshiba was winning the war, the price will stay unchanged. I'm sure Toshiba was losing money from low price of HD DVD players. I think Toshiba was only one making HD DVD players, not other company like Pioneer, Samsung, etc. (I could be wrong) The price of Blu-ray player has dropped a bit and soon, we'll see cheaper Blu-ray players in the future.

That happens with DVD player where it was $599 or higher for high-end players. Now they can be found for under $100.
I don't think you can draw the conclusion that hd-dvd was cheap, because they were loosing. I also don't think you can draw the conclusion that because blu-ray has won, it will become cheap.

I tend to think, that hd-dvd players were cheaper, because they were less expensive to build. However, I have no proof either way on that items.

Jumping back to one of your previous items, it is always about the money. While four hundred dollars or more is par for the course when it comes to video game consoles these days, the cheaper consoles wii/ps2 still have proven they sell extremely well based upon price alone. We know that gamers are willing to drop a significant amount of money on a console that just happens to have blu-ray built in. Just as movie enthusiasts are happy to purchase high priced audio/video equipment. When it comes to the typical run of the mill public, of which by definition we are not, affordability means everything. Which raises the questions: how long will it take for blu-ray player prices to come down, and what is the price range at which items of this kind become so affordable that mass adoption occurs. (feel free to speculate on the answer to those last two questions, I will not hold you to them).
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