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Default Re: Several Issues with several drivers

The problems relating to the corrupted tty's do not solve anywhere.

I tried drivers 169.07 and 169.09 with Slackware 12, and the console tty's are corrupted after starting X, even disabling the framebuffer devices from the kernel and recompiling. Leaving the framebuffer, driver 100.14.19 corrupts them also, but not so much. Disabling the framebuffer, 100.14.19 work fine.

And in FreeBSD, exactly the same thing (169.07 corrupting console, 100.14.19 not).

My laptop has a GeForce Go 6100, with 256 MB taken from the 1 GB RAM, Turion 64 MK-38, and I don't know if you need to know anything else.

It would be nice if nvidia developers try to catch this out, since it doesn't even seem related to OS issues.

If anyone tells me how to take a snapshot in a tty, I will gladly post it here.
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