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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Today I did something out of the ordinary in world PVP with my 55 druid. First I solo killed a 60 human warrior not once, but 3 times. I then solo killed a 60 dwarf hunter.

I found the warrior attacking a level 45 mob, and she had basically all of her health so its not as if I just waited for her to be low to attack. Her rage bar was also basically full, so she had an advantage there. I hit her from pounce and did a rake, claw, FFF, rip, then backed off and moonfire. She did the warrior charge thing on me so I shifted to travel form and gained some distance, then threw down rejuvinate and moonfired again followed by travel and more running. After she realized how badly my dots were killing her (and how quickly my health was recovering) combined with the fact that she had no hope of catching me like that, she started to run, at this point down to something less than 20% health, so I chased after and threw two moonfires on her and she died.

The second encounter, she got the drop on me as I was fighting some mobs, so I basically did the same thing sans the pounce, with a few more claws, and added a shift to bear followed by bash and rejuvinate when my health was about halfway down. She tried to run again and I did the same travel/moonfire stunt to finish her off.

Third encounter was basically like the first: I just kited her to death.

She finally killed me by calling in what I am guessing was a level 70 (skull to me) to help her out. Pathetic.

The 60 hunter was funny. He thought he would go camp the exit to the horde camp in hinterlands (allies like to do this often just to kill lowbies so they can't get out,) and got killed a few times by a 64 shadow priest who was killing turtles in the area.

Just as he started to leave with that embarrassment, he went up that ramp on the bluff that allows you to go to the main hinterlands area. I was sitting there in stealth and dropped him off of his mount with a pounce, and basically did the same thing to him that I did to the warrior (dot him to death.) Whats even more funny is I did this while some mobs started to agro on me. BTW, I think he did use stoneform to get rid of the rip I threw on him, but it didn't do anything to my moonfire which took off the last bit of his health.

A key advantage I have in these fights as feral druid, is that each time I attack I jump through them so their next attack can't land right away. They have to turn around in order to do anything. If this was indoors, I would probably have been killed each time though, not to mention my grasp of thorns doesn't work indoors either. For this reason I probably won't do that well in the arenas where people here tend to indicate that feral druids are weak.
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