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Originally Posted by Dvahlish
I have always heard the alli have nice questing areas, although I havent done them myself.

I have levellled 5 toons...I am over the barrens.
Its big and much running about and the quests dont interest me at all.
There are so many better places to level.
I have leveled 7, toons 4 on the Horde side. I have also leveled up 4 horde twinks to 49 for BGs. Then I have power leveled my buddies that equals more than 5 toons. The horde side is far easier to level on and far better. Don't get me wrong, both sides are easy to level but the Horde side is better and more fun. You have better flight paths and better grouped quests.

Barrens is by far the best place to level in that level range. There are so many quests. Sure it is big but you have two flight paths placed nicely in that zone and one flight path to a neutral town. Nothing compares to The Barrens. It may look bland and dry but it is fantastic for out-right leveling.

Those of you who have only played WoW, have no idea what real grinding and questing is like. WoW is a Kaek-walk for leveling. Go play EQ, EQ2 or Vanguard and you will get an idea of what real grinding is like.
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