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Default Re: WoW: Deleted my toons

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Just before my account expired, I went in and deleted all my toons. LMAO!

I really do hate this game. Life is so much more.... REAL now that I am not stuck behind a monitor late into the night playing a game. I don't have this problem with FPS. I can play them for a half and hour or so and then go get stuff done around the house.

My life back FTW!
If it really was affecting your life that badly, then you did the right thing.
I have seen a lot of ppl spend wayyyyy to much time playing wow and doing little else.

I have always been quite lucky that I can take it or leave it.
My bf and I both play, and we live instead of watching a movie or tv in an evening we will play wow together.

We are also very good at letting each other know when we think we have been playing to long and its time to go out and have a break
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