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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Hey its not me thats saying it. If you look at the wow threads I've posted to, I keep getting comments like "yeah, well I've had a druid for years and once everybody gets gear they suck, my hunter is way better, I've been playing longer than you."

Sorry I just don't buy it. If I can kill a 60 hunter at 55, I don't imagine having much trouble at 70 either. This was even a hunter who was looking for a fight, so I don't imagine him being much of a newbie at pvp. Hell, even wowwiki agrees with me:

Each time I run into a hunter, unless he is much higher level than me or hits me while I am fighting a mob, I almost always win.

Only class that is relatively unknown to me are shamans as I've never had a real battle with one and my encounters with them are rare (its either them a much higher level and kill me quickly, or I stunlock kill them and theres not much of a fight.)

But...depending on the shammy...its either elemental or ehancement (I forget) they are one of the druids biggest threats...
I *think* its the enhancement....could be wrong.
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