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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Hey its not me thats saying it. If you look at the wow threads I've posted to, I keep getting comments like "yeah, well I've had a druid for years and once everybody gets gear they suck, my hunter is way better, I've been playing longer than you."

Sorry I just don't buy it. If I can kill a 60 hunter at 55, I don't imagine having much trouble at 70 either. This was even a hunter who was looking for a fight, so I don't imagine him being much of a newbie at pvp. Hell, even wowwiki agrees with me:

Each time I run into a hunter, unless he is much higher level than me or hits me while I am fighting a mob, I almost always win.

The only class I am afraid to fight each time I encounter it is a priest. They outheal my dots and they have many crowd control abilities that basically lock me during the fight. To a lesser extent warlocks as well, they are almost as hard as priests but I've taken many down. My key advantage against warlocks comes down to the fact that while they can crowd control me, they can't do anything about my dots, and they can't heal. I can remove whichever curse they put on me, and I can heal.

Only class that is relatively unknown to me are shamans as I've never had a real battle with one and my encounters with them are rare (its either them a much higher level and kill me quickly, or I stunlock kill them and theres not much of a fight.)
People are stupid. Druids are completely over powered and so are hunters.

Druids can kill Shamies. Shamies are only good against cloth wearers.
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