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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by OldOfEvil
Also, my main is a Warlock and I don't even try to kill Resto Druids anymore, because I don't feel like having to spend 30 minutes chasing their asses down while they out heal all my DoTs.

Feral druids are bad if they get the drop on you, otherwise they tend to lose. And Boomkin.. lol..
Boomkin is funny They run around in circles with that uber armor while moonfire bombing people. I've never been a victim of that but I've seen it happen, and I can tell that would really piss people off.

A boomkin druid (level 64) and I went and attacked sentinel hill and he did that while I was going around kiting everybody who his dots were hitting. We both kept healing each other and his moonfire would crit for 1.7k and the dots would finish most of the 50ish casters off.
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