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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by OldOfEvil
A lot of very bad players out there. Many of whom still equate time played with skill - which couldn't be farther from the truth. Or worse, you get people who hold level 70 (and when 60 was the cap) as some magical thing, that upon reaching 70 you are suddenly enlightened, and anyone who isn't 70 is just "dude, you just wouldn't understand."
Ahaha! So true!
All of a sudden everyone else becomes a noob, or a noobcake...or nooblet...GRRRR!!!!!!

I dont care for people tales of PVP battle, seriously I really couldnt care less....PVP battle means little to me outside a BG or arena.

Its easy to find easy prey out in the wow world....
So what?

Its not easy to have the team work to have a successful arean team or the teamwork required to take down end bosses and heroics.

People talking up there PVP leetness doesnt impress me , but show me a well decked out 70 that has obviously taken the time to become attuned and to have run the heroics and end game instances...someone who has actually planned and put time into thier toon rather than just running about ganking alli 30 lvls lower than him....
Then..Im impressed.
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