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Default Re: I finally set down and finished Crysis

Originally Posted by crainger
ahem... Crysis 2 (Coming on PC and consoles)

In Crysis 2 we find ourselves after a prophet gone crazy. The aliens implanted him with something, he ofcourse left before it could take hold, giving him extensive knowledge of the aliens, but he didn't leave quickly enough to stop them taking control eventually. In the end we must battle Phophet in a show stopping Nanosuit vs Nanosuit battle while the aliens sneak of with that bitch who likes us a little. Psycho will cuss a little more in British and we willll probably have a brief encounter with some more Koreans, no doubt they have battle suits by now.

The End. Until Crysis 3, which will probably be console only due to the downfall of the PC master race.
You mean, we dont get to be Psycho!
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