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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
I just did some math. With my typical drop I get on somebody at my level (55,) without even counting the gear I am wearing or crits (mine is ~25% btw,) and not counting the base damage, not counting mangle which I don't have yet, I will deal a minimum of 1,683 damage with just the first wave of attacks that land. Probably more realistically 2000+ damage. If I am lucky and my claw and rake crit, around 2300 damage. If you add the intermediary strikes that occur between attacks used, maybe around 2500 damage.

This damage will occur over a period of about 20 seconds, maybe more maybe less depending on how I execute the attack. And keep in mind this damage ignores their armor almost completely so that plate armor a paladin might wear doesn't mean much. It only helps once I start spamming claw.

To put that into perspective, with my current build I have about 3,000hp in cat form, 3,800 in bear form, the range of which is fairly representative of most classes at my level except people with high stam gear and other whatnots.

The only thing this wouldn't apply to that I know of (I am pretty new to this game afterall, I haven't seen everything yet) is any dwarf race toon if they haven't already burned their stoneskin thing. A dwarf race toon if played right could seriously mitigate the damage I deal.

With that considered: Overpowered? May very well be, I don't know this game well enough to say that. But its still fun to slay huntards that go around trying to camp your towns
If your really interested in number crunching/theory crafting I'd recommend the EJ Forums. Lots of very solid information and a near gestapo quality moderators to weed out the typical forumite dregs.
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