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Default Gcc installed?

It doesn't appear to be a kernel version problem but it does appear that it may be that the development tools didn't get loaded during the OS install ( the link from gcc -> cc seems to be missing).

Since it is a rpm based distribution, you should check to see if gcc is installed. In a terminal window, type rpm -q gcc and verify that it is installed. If not, install the gcc rpm from the RH 9 cds.

A second problem may occur in doing the compile. The kernel build headers in the default RH kernel point to the source directory (/usr/src/linux-2.4.20-8) so unless you've installed the kernel source it may not compile. So, you may have to install the kernel source from rpm also.

Even then, since the kernel source is not configured(I'm guessing - I don't install RH source), the necessary headers my not be available. The compile expects a valid build tree. I don't have a url for setting up the kernel - sorry. The Linux forums are the best place for this info.

Hope this is of some help ........
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