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Default Re: Dreamshots of Crysis... w00t!

Originally Posted by Nanosuitguy

See this picture is an example of how NOT do do lighting. I know the map was made like this and isn't a result of anything on your part but these guys setting the light and hdr settings for these maps have clearly forgotten what real life looks like. It's very hard on the eyes becuase it just doesn't look natural. It actually looks pretty terrible to be honest and there are at least 4 or 5 custom made maps that all display this horrendous mis use of lighting and over the top color blooming that just doesn't exist in real life.

I realize that the crysis lighting engine is incredibly powerful but that just means that it has that much power to totally destroy any sense of realism just as it has the power to create breathtaking scenes.

the devs at crytek actually got it fairly right with their light settings as a lot of these custom maps seem to have love it or hate it lighting and it was easier for crytek to just take a neutral stance on the matter. A few simple hdr and ssao tweaks is really all it needs to get it looking good. It would take someone totally re-compliling all of the maps in the game with tweaked time of day and light settings to really make as much of an impact on the visuals as some of these that are well done showcase. Some of the custom maps with properly done lighting are jawdropping as we've all seen and I think once some of these talented modders take the time to give us those same truly spectacular lighting changes to the game that are catered to users with high end systems capapable of delivering the visuals, I think it will make it a totally new game.
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