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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
I've seen a ton of druids that suck though. Most of the ones that suck at least partially or completely neglect their bleeds. If you don't use your bleeds as a druid, then you will suck. That is your primary source of DPS right there. Rake does more damage than claw for less energy, plus it isn't mitigated by armor unlike claw so it counts for yet more than you see on the mouse over stats. You combine that with mangle and even more damage. Yet I see so many so called "veteran" feral druids that stupidly don't use the damn thing.

You only use claw when your rake is still ticking and you don't have many combo points. When you have combo points, drop a rip rather than ferocious bite on stuff like a warrior, paladin, etc because it again is not mitigated by armor and thus will do more damage. If a rogue is near death drop rip rather than ferocious bite to defeat his cheat death.

The only time ferocious bite really does tons of damage is when it crits, but you don't want to rely on that to crit.
The reason why so many druids suck is the same reason why so many hunters suck, EVERYONE plays at least one. They know these two classes are overpowered and easy to play. So new players latch on to one of these easy classes and find out that it still takes skill to play. Then they say that particular class sucks in the forums.

Again, people are stupid.

These same people are truly terrible at more difficult classes like warrior or priest.
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