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Default The Best Of Blu-Ray

Well, now it's finally done and dusted I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread discussing the best releases Blu-Ray has to offer and adhere to the following three points.

* Releases which offer decent PQ either through using BD50 discs or AVC / VC1 codec. (Most of MPEG2 releases are rubbish, face it! ) Although some of you might vouch for releases that are an exception to the rule.

* Releases which offer some half decent form of features and extra content.(Was going to say interactivity, but didn't want to be yelled at about how Blu-Ray doesn't need them, when it obviously does.)

* The movie themselves have scored atleast a 7 / 10 on (Not entirely accurate, but it's a start.) or could be considered a classic in some way.

I'll start with a few.

Speed ...( Not many extras, but deserves a mention.)
The Warriors: Ultimate Director's Cut
The Shining
Live Free or Die Hard

Maybe we could get a decent list going so people get some sort of idea where to start their new collection.
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