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Default Re: It's official. HD DVD is dead.

Do you guys remember the first DVDs? Damn...they had hideous quality. It looked like Laser Disc. I still have Highlander which was released in 1997 and the remaster that was released recently. What a difference a few years and 24 bit makes. Blu-ray is still new, so like the first DVDs it won't look too impressive. Once we move on to 32 bit remastering and deep color (1 billion colors) then we will see a huge difference in quality. It probably won't be until after 2010 though since technology moves so slowly.

I kinda wish we had 4K already. That's what all the movie companies remaster their films in when they do digital intermediates (color correcting among other things). That'll probably be the next step after Hi-Def unless we skip straight to the Japanese 7000 lines of resolution format in 20 years, but that might be impossible for film based movies since the maximum resolution of 35 mm film is about 4000 lines of resolution, hence the 4K standard that the studios use to mint their masters.
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