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Default Re: It's official. HD DVD is dead.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
1) been finalized on release
2) blu-ray still has not catched up to hd-dvd, while bd 1.1 is a step closer, bd 2.0 = hd-dvd 1.0
3) movies released on both formats usually showed that hd-dvd had better picture quality, because of stricker codec requirements.
4)less DRM
5)no region locking
1.) early adopting first generation or new technology is always risky and always has been.
2.) same as above. but I want to mention something, there's not a lot of movies that uses PiP or internet feature on HD DVD. blu-ray will still run movies if it's 1.1 or 2.0 ready but only that you can't access them on 1.0 player.
3.) it's not the case now. if you look at some hd dvd releases, some are very poor, i.e. american gangster. it's picture quality is rather poor and sound isn't great. also it doesn't contain extended edition (where dvd has it).
4.) true but i don't think it'll affect most of us. some people make it something big than it actually is. also i don't think drm is used on movies yet... ?
5.) dvd has region locking, what's new? At least it's not as strict as DVD's region locking.

yeah, blu-ray is somewhere not finished and that's their disadvantage but hd dvd has it's disadvantage too. hd dvd would be superior if they pushed out 51gb discs, more ads, release xbox 360 hd dvd edition (hd dvd built in), gain more studio supports, and more movies to choose. If people give Blu-ray time, it'll get better and cheaper. Or get PS3 until there's better and cheaper players. Like someone mentioned, DVD used to be very expensive when it first hit the market. It took a while until DVD technology become more affordable.
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