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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by nVJoe
The reason why so many druids suck is the same reason why so many hunters suck, EVERYONE plays at least one. They know these two classes are overpowered and easy to play. So new players latch on to one of these easy classes and find out that it still takes skill to play. Then they say that particular class sucks in the forums.
Whole reason I played druid is because it just looked fun. First class I made was a rogue and I got bored with that quickly by level 20. So I started looking around at the different class abilities, and druid looked by far the most interesting. I was actually a bit hesitant because when you look at it they don't necessarily do the best at any one thing, and I wanted to play PVP. But after playing to level 30 or so I realized that once their abilities are used in a nice harmony rather than e.g. sticking to any one form in battle, they totally kick ass.
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