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Default Re: CrossWater Worklog

Few changes being made:

All loops are being changed:

Loop 1 (cpu):
1, New tubbing and diffrent location for the pump
2, Moving the reservoir and pump to better hide and look more professional which will also give me more room to work with.

Loop2 (GPU):
1, Currently running a Swiftek MCR 120.2 getting another MCR 120.2 to go with it.

2, Still waiting for EK blocks

Loop3 (Chipset):

1, Found a way to hide the radiator under where the other two rads are. That will give me allot more room to work with up top.

2, Relocating the res and pump to look more professional and give more space.

That makes a total of 4 Radiators. or 8 120mm fans worth of radiator.

Im doing some really cool metal and miror glass work but im at a hault waiting for the video card blocks. The case vinyls are also on the way hope they turn out great.

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