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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
I rarely ever see other druids in my realm tbh. But I've never been to shatt though. I think I see warlocks, rogues, and hunters more than anything else.

Another thing about druid besides its combat capabilities is a little role play element that goes along with it. I don't role play myself, but its cool when you think about it. Druids have their own faction neutral territory (moonglade,) the whole shapeshifting thing is awesome, and the class itself plays a heavy role in the game lore. When I play the game I feel as though druids are almost their own third quasi faction.

I just love druids I'll never start an attack against another druid. I had one ally druid attack me while I was fighting a mob and killed me. Then I came back and, in a very long battle, killed her. After that I came back again and just waved to her, and she did apologized after that. If she wasn't a druid, I would have killed her again.
Ha..I remeber when my druid went over to Moonglade for the first time....I teleported and was immediatly killed by a level 60 NE druid.
Guess he didnt share your sense of oneness

I dunno...Im kinda over the whole druid thing.
Im going to level up my enhnacement shammy instead.
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