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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
Ha..I remeber when my druid went over to Moonglade for the first time....I teleported and was immediatly killed by a level 60 NE druid.
Guess he didnt share your sense of oneness

I dunno...Im kinda over the whole druid thing.
Im going to level up my enhnacement shammy instead.
Theres this other thing too. When I hit 40 I had nowhere near enough of the 100g to buy a mount, but I openly stated I wasn't going to buy one anyways because I was happy with the speed provided by travel form and I would wait til 60 to buy epic mount.

But somebody in my guild just out of nowhere sent me 100g in the mail. I didn't even ask for it at all. He said his main is a druid which is why he did so. Nobody else was given the same reward, and I am basically the only druid in the guild. We have two others but they are like ~20ish and don't come online much.

I've paid it forward in similar ways though not to that much of an extent. I've had a level 10 druid unknown to me ask me for a gold, and I just gave it to him just because he was a druid. Anybody else I would have said hell no.

Also prior to the lunar festival thing, I never saw anybody die in moonglade (during the festival its a big boneyard though.) My very first trip there on a pvp server, a skull druid just waved to me.
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