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Default Re: It's official. HD DVD is dead.

HD-DVD was dead since Microsoft pulled it from the Xbox360 as something standar out of the box. There was no way Toshiba will ever kill one of their sons ,just because it was from another religion.. LOL... The PS3 believe in bluray get it ?

A side note..
There is something about HD movies that i dont like.. Sometimes some scenes in many movies looks sooo fake because they look so crisp and so sharp ,and shiny that you think the characters are all inside a proffesional photographic studio.. when in reality the scene is filmed in a jungle ,where smoke ,dust and no clear illumination in some places should exist.

Perhaps is a mistake in the way the movie was remastered to HD?
its looks like if someone take photoshop and enhance the image ,looks more magazine cover quality ,but very fake for a movie. lol..
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