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Default Re: I finally set down and finished Crysis

Originally Posted by john19055
Once I got the setting looking how I liked them in Windows XP with everthing set to high and a few very high tweaks and other tweaks at 1920x1200. I stayed in the 40's most of the time,hitting in the 50's in some area's and dropping to 25 in other things ,but all in all it was very smooth and if I did'nt have fraps on I would have never known it hit in the 20's sometimes.Flying the plane or what ever it was ,was the funnest .The liquid cavern or the place where you floated and shot at squid people got boaring quick ,I kept getting lost.The ending was ok could have been better.
Far Cry was a lot longer to me and it got ridiculous hard and repetitive at the end with all those frankinstein looking monsters.Did the credits ever end or did it just repeat itself.I kept waiting and waiting ,they thank everybody in ever country I think there was.It had the longest credits of any game I can remember playing.Now I got to figure out which game I want to play next ,I have bought Quake 4,Command and Conquer 3,BioShock,Stalker,Fear mandate,PainKiller Overdose and I have only opened Quake 4 and played a couple of levels.
quake 4 is a fun game, and doesnt look too bad either.
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