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Post Re: Why is my 320gb hard drive only reading 141gb?

Originally Posted by ryan29121
I just put together a computer and the 320gb hard drive I put in it is only reading that is has 141gb. When I went to install XP it only wanted to partition 141gb and only recognized that it had that much. It was the first format of the hard drive. The computer has an XFX 680i board and a seagate 320. Any suggestions on what I can do?

Also I figure I should ask another questions to: How do you unlink a RAID 0 array?
What version of XP ? prior to SP1 ?

You need at least SP1 for LBA48 (HDDs bigger than 128GB).

You could use a smaller partition for your XP installation, upgrade it to SP2+, and then partition the rest of the hdd.

Also you could slipstream the SP2 with your XP CD.

Good luck
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