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Default Re: GeForce Go 7900 GS black flash screen

Originally Posted by Nando777
Please if you have any idea how to EXACTLY replicate this problem post it here or send it to
No I cannot say what causes this. For me it seems to happen after I start using the computer in the morning after leaving it on overnight but inactive. Not at standby or anything. It wakes up from a blank screen ok. This morning I alt-tab to thunderbird and hilited a new email and when I hit the "return" to open the email, the freeze occurred. No messages in any log. It only lasted less than a minute. Then it started working again.

Before this morning, I haven't had this for quite some time, but I seem to remember it happens when trying to open email in thunderbird and in the morning.

On mine, F11 in firefox doesn't cause it.

I'm going to try adding this option and see if it's fixed.

Ubuntu 7.10 , 169.09 from nvidia site, GeForce Go 7300 256MB laptop

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