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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Nah, for flying mounts you need riding skill 225. When druids get flight form, they are given riding skill 225 for free. So that means you don't have to pay for neither the mount nor the training. When it comes time to get swift flight form, you do have to pay for riding skill 300, which does cost something like 5000g. However you don't have to buy the mount, which is something like 200g.

All in all you save something like 1300g on mount costs just for being a druid.

and before one of the patches, had to be revered with lower city to run heroic Sethekk halls. Now you just need honored, but the sethekk can still be a pain depending on gear level. I have done the whole swift flight form chain twice, and it is a bit of a pain with all the running around you have to do, but WELL worth it.
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