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Default Re: It's official. HD DVD is dead.

Originally Posted by Amuro
Blu-ray region locking isn't bad. It puts Hong Kong, US and Japan in the same region which is great.
Yep, and totally craps on us over here in the UK.

Importing HD DVD from the US was fantastic, not having to wait SIX FOOKING MONTHS longer for releases.

That is / was my main gripe with Blu-Ray, not enough region free releases for me to import.

A side note..
There is something about HD movies that i dont like.. Sometimes some scenes in many movies looks sooo fake because they look so crisp and so sharp ,and shiny that you think the characters are all inside a proffesional photographic studio.. when in reality the scene is filmed in a jungle ,where smoke ,dust and no clear illumination in some places should exist.
Obviously it's better to have a gritty, sh!tt!er and poorer picture quality then. LoL
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