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Default Re: It's official. HD DVD is dead.

Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent
Yep, and totally craps on us over here in the UK.

Importing HD DVD from the US was fantastic, not having to wait SIX FOOKING MONTHS longer for releases.

That is / was my main gripe with Blu-Ray, not enough region free releases for me to import.

Obviously it's better to have a gritty, sh!tt!er and poorer picture quality then. LoL

Its not better either...
But at least you arent distracted as much... If you take a personal camera and take shots of a fight or accident anywhere (will look grainy and with poor quality lighting) ,still will be very interesting to watch .. its something real . The magic with movies its that they make you believe you are there too.. you jump from your chair and so will be focused in the action in what is happening ,but With many HD movies ,if you are a good observer ,you will notice at times things so sharp ,lighting so artificial that doesnt look natural ,as if the actors aren't really in the place where the movie was filmed. It doesnt look right.. since looks as i said as the cover of a magazine. Artificially done.
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