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Default Re: It's official. HD DVD is dead.

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
..yeah, blu-ray is somewhere not finished and that's their disadvantage but hd dvd has it's disadvantage too...
so basically you posted thats its ok for companies to continually get away with and encourage them to release unfinished products and force the early adopters to get screwed with bugs and then have to replace all their equipment to be able to use the final product that gets released 2 years after the fact?

I don't know about the rest of you but thats BS to me. We should be forcing companies to actually finish their products before they release then instead saying its ok to release an unfinished inferior product before its ready just because its new.

Blu-Ray should have died in a fire when it was released. All the companies involved should have stuck it out and worked together to release one finished format. However blu-ray did something HD DVD didn't, and that is advertise.
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